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He Makes You Feel Insecure to Make Himself Feel Better Part 2!
  • Woo woo! Hope you like it! : )
  • He Makes You Feel Insecure to Make Himself Feel Better Part Two
  • Liam: "Wooo! Two kidneys, yeah!" You heard Liam's deep Wolverhampton drawl erupting from the kitchen, followed by the clinking of bottles and an eruption of laughter from the boys. You smiled, proud that your wonderful boyfriend finally felt like he belonged with his bandmates. He was drinking, but being smart. He took it slow, and he was a relatively responsible drinker. You couldn't stop smiling. Until, of course, you heard the laughter die down. "Guys, (Y/N), like, never wants to go out. It's so frustrating 'cause I can finally party, and she just wants to stay in all the time. She's kinda, well... She's kinda boring, now that I think about it. It's starting to get pretty annoying." You felt your lip begin to quiver, and started to slowly make your way back up the stairs. "Speaking of which, where is (Y/N)? Is our drinking too much for her?" Harry said. It didn't help the terrible feeling building up in your stomach, especially when all of the boys burst out laughing once again at your expense. "I'll go look for her," Liam said. "(Y/N)? Where are you, love?" He stopped in his tracks when he saw you crouched down in the hallway, sobbing softly into your hands. "Baby, what's wrong?" He sunk down next to you and wrapped his strong arms around you, rocking you slowly back and forth. You wanted to burst out of his arms and yell at him, but when you looked up into his hot-cocoa eyes, you just wanted to stay in his arms forever. "Am...Am I really boring? What can I do to fix it?" The worry melted off of his face and morphed into guilt. "Oh, babe, you heard that. No, you are NOT boring. I've just been so caught up in not being the boring one anymore... I guess I've just got a big head. But I'll fix it, I swear. Please, don't listen to me. I'm an idiot. Just don't be mad at me." He rushed out all of his words, trying to reassure you that you were perfect. You kissed his full, trembling lips. When you pulled back you whispered, "You were never boring, LiBear." With that, you two stood up with joined hands, strolled down to kitchen, and you both had a nice cold pint. :)
  • Niall: "...He was a Fun-Gi!" Louis finished the punch line of his infamous mushroom joke, looking at you in anticipation as he knew it always made you laugh. You exploded in loud, breathy giggles, earning a smile from each of the five European boys around you. Your laugh was almost iconic, and it always made the boys happy. However, in this case, your Irish boyfriend seemed just a little bit agitated at your uncontrollable laughter. "Niall," you managed to say after taking a few deep breaths. "Is everything alright?" He ignored you question, jumping right into a snappy, "Do you have to be so goddamn loud all the time?" You dropped your eyes to the floor, feeling ashamed and embarrassed. "Mate, do we need to remind you that one of the first things you ever told us about (Y/N) was that you loved that she is just as loud as you are?" Zayn piped up, breaking the silence that hung in the air. He reached over and placed his hand on yours, instantly comforting you. Niall took a deep breath and lifted you chin so that your eyes met his misty blue ones. "Princess, *Niall's princess. Mainstream, I know :)* I didn't mean that. I love your laugh, and I love that your loud. It's my favorite thing about you, please don't change it." "Niall, if you love it so much, then why did you say that?" Your voice shook as you croaked out the question. He ran a hand through his blonde-brown hair and let out a deep breath again. "I guess I'm just... I guess I'm a little upset that people think I'm too loud. But I've been working on it... I'm trying to be more reserved!" "No, Niall! Please don't change, not for anyone. I wanna spend the rest of my life with the loud, wonderful you that I fell in love with. Not a 'quiet,' 'reserved' you that other people want." He flashed his cute little smile, his braces showing. "Thanks, princess. I LOVE YOU, BABE," he screams as loud as he can, earning laughter from each of the boys. Except Harry, who was simply pointing to the "I can't change" tattoo on his wrist. Strange one, he is. :)
  • Zayn: You carefully dragged the mascara wand through your freshly-curled lashes, extending them outwards. You added another coat, finally satisfied with your makeup. You moved onto lipstick, carefully lining and filling them in, finishing it off with a gloss and a cute little "pop." You pulled away from the mirror to find Zayn staring back at you, an amused look on his face. You smiled at him, noticing that he had left his hair natural that day. "God, (Y/N), clown face, much?" He laughed at his own joke. Since you began dating Zayn, you had started wearing more makeup to keep up with his perfect image. You got a lot of hate on twitter for it, but you just didn't feel pretty without it. But now, Zayn was saying he didn't like it? Confusion and embarrassed, you blinked back the years that threatened to ruin your "clown" makeup. "Really though. Are you that full of yourself?" He laughed again. You hung your head, feeling small and sad. "Zayn..." you whispered. "Stop." It came out sounding like a whine, but you didn't care. You just didn't want to hear your boyfriend repeat everything that his jealous fans had been telling you. You looked up at him, and saw his face soften. "Oh, babe I am so sorry. I don't know what came over me... Actually, yeah. I do. Everyone thinks I spend too much time on my hair, and they say I'm full of myself. But, you don't think that, do you?" you crossed the room, getting closer to him. You placed your soft hands on either side of his smooth cheeks. "Honey, they don't know you. They haven't met you, and they don't know you like I do. I love your quiff," you say, playing with the limp pieces of hair falling over his forehead. "But I think you're prefect without it. Don't let a bunch of twelve-year-olds stop you from doing what you want with your hair." He cracked that mysterious, crooked smile you loved and whispered, "Thank you." He then kissed your forehead and headed to the mirror to fix his infamous quiff, sneaking you sweet little smiles the whole time. "Just remember, babe. They would be vain, too if they looked like walking sex." You gave him a cheeky pinch on his bum and winked at him before leaving the bathroom.
  • A/N: I should be studying. And for the record, you shouldnt hate on Perrie for wearing "too much" makeup. We all know she doesn't need it, she wears it cause she likes to. I think it's cool :) and another thing, Harry's acne does not make him ugly. Louiss voice is effing perfect. Nialls laugh can make anyone smile. Liam is anything but boring. And Zayn is not full of himself. Also, you are all gorgeous. Just reminding you :) -Kylee :)
  • Oh my god isn't she just great?!?!
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